Application & Mobile Security

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Managed application security service is designed to help you analyze and identify web application and mobile security risks through an advanced application security analysis. You get:

Web & Mobile Applications
Security and peace of mind for all your web and mobile applications, service API’s and critical data

Threat Modeling & Architecture Review
Architecture design, technical leadership and road maps support a continuous process that integrates security with development

Security Code Review
Automated static analysis and prioritized manual code reveiw to inspect source code to discover security issues before testing and deployment begin

Ongoing security assessments
Periodic assessments based on functionality updates and comprehensive annual assessment

Security Training
Security Training for Developers, Architects, Testers and technical management to enforce security as a development priority

Improved compliance management
Symosis assesses your compliance state and delivers specialized security consulting to help you manage regulatory compliance

Key indicators and reports track and help improve your security posture

Reduced costs
There’s no need to buy and maintain software licenses to achieve vital security and compliance requirements

Documentation includes letter of attestation and website seal that you can share with your customers and partners as proof of security due-diligence