Security Assessment & Penetration Testing

Most companies today deploy a variety of mission-critical networking services, wide-area-network connectivity, large variety of web applications of varying complexity, databases, office productivity and systems based services. Security assessment and penetration testing helps you identify and prioritize security risk, validate security safeguards, and assess detected threats, verify that applications, systems and network meet baseline security standards and provide an actionable roadmap to remediate specific vulnerabilities and manage security risk.

Vulnerabilities are symptoms of systemic issues and our experience and understanding from performing hundreds of assessments allow deliverables that address the needs of individual technical resolution but also recommendations to help solve security management issues. By taking the time to understand the threats to your operations the analysis performed by Symosis Security provides the greatest benefit.

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Web Application Security

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Network & Infrastructure

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Mobile Apps Security

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Data Loss Prevention

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Products Security

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Malware & IR

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Cloud Security

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Policy Gap Assessment

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