Security for Developers JAVA / J2EE

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Security Training for Developers JAVA / J2EE forces the development team to think like an attacker and focuses on defensive techniques available in JAVA / J2EE development environment. The training aims to enforce security as a development priority and provides the right tools and techniques to develop secure applications that confirm to stringent internal and external security development standards

Course Length: 3-4 hours, Pre-requisites: None

Topics Covered
Identification and Authentication
Session Management
Data validation
Error Handling & Logging
Java Platform Security

Understand application security threats and defenses
Learn how to develop JAVA / J2EE secure applications
Comply with security regulations like PCI DSS & HIPAA
Enforce security as a development priority

Training Delivery

Delivery On-Demand 24×7 Online Access, Instructor-led or both
Interactive engaging content
Quiz and learning games
Hosted by Symosis or on your LMS
Customized to your Security policy and environment
SCORM Compliant
Repeat multiple times, reinforce key concepts
Get activity and completion reports
Meet PCI DSS, HIPAA and other compliance requirements
100+ satisfied customers

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